28 Stunning Almond Shape Nail Design Ideas

28 Stunning Almond Shape Nail Design Ideas

The almond is one of the most popular nail shapes of the moment, and it’s easy to see why. The shape, which resembles the nut of the same name, is elegant, sophisticated, and utterly stylish. As such, it’s no wonder why more and more women are choosing silhouettes for their fingers. So, if you’ve selected an almond shape for your nails, it’s time to show it off, and we’ve got the designs for the job. From bright and bold patterns to chic and minimalistic shades, these nail art ideas will bring fashion to your fingertips.

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1. Short Almond Shaped Nails

While the almond shape is typically spotted on long lengths, it can also work for short nails. So, if you’ve got claws that finish just beyond your fingertips, be sure to give this lovely style a try.

Short Almond Shaped Nails

2. White Almond Shaped Nails

White polish can help accentuate the almond shape for a glamorous and sophisticated appearance. Just be sure to opt for a matte finish and a minimalist design like this for a modern take on this classic look.

White Almond Shaped Nails

3. Black Almond Shaped Nails

Just like white, black polish can also look beautiful on almond-shaped nails. The dark hue will give your claws an edgy appearance whether worn with gloss or matte.

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Black Almond Shaped Nails

4. Almond Shape Acrylic Nails

If you like the look of long and strong almond nails but you are having trouble growing them yourself, acrylic nails are a good option to consider. They’ll also give you an excellent base on which you can try out gorgeous new nail designs.

Almond Shape Acrylic Nails

5. Cute Almond Shape Nails

This cute almond shape nail design has a Minnie Mouse theme thanks to its polka dots and a bow. Although it looks great in red, feel free to try it in your favorite color for a personal twist.

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Cute Almond Shape Nails

6. Nude Almond Shaped Nails

For the minimalist lady, a nude polish is a perfect accompaniment to almond nails. Sophisticated and subtle, the look is ideal for both work and the weekend.

Nude Almond Shaped Nails

7. Long Almond Shaped Nails

An almond shape is an excellent option for anyone with long nails. Not only it is lovely and ladylike, but it also elongates the appearance of fingers.

Long Almond Shaped Nails

8. 3D Almond Shaped Nails

Want to make your almond-shaped nails a little more eye-catching? Why not add a unique and exciting 3D element with studs, crystals, or rhinestones?

3D Almond Shaped Nails

9. Almond Shaped Accent Nails

You don’t need to be a professional nail artist to achieve an impressive, modern design on your almond nails. A simple accent nail or two will quickly give your painted talons a fun and fashionable boost.

Almond Shaped Accent Nails

10. Baby Blue Almond Shaped Nails

Sometimes, a simple swipe of polish in a gorgeous color is all you need to make your nails look fabulous. Try a baby blue shade this spring or summer for a fresh and stylish look.

Baby Blue Almond Shaped Nails

11. Almond Shaped Nails with Chevron Design

For an on-trend design, consider using tape to create this chic chevron look on your almond nails. Not only is it seriously stylish, but it’s also easy to achieve and can be created using any color.

with Chevron Design

12. Elegant Almond Shaped Nails

Pairing your sophisticated almond nails with an elegant polish is sure to create an incredible appearance. Try shades of grey, brown, beige, and nude for a look that’s subtle yet stunning.

Elegant Almond Shaped Nails

13. Almond Shaped Nails with Silver Stripes

Bold silver stripes will instantly take your almond nails into the future. Rock the look on the weekend or when you have a special event and enjoy a touch of bling on your fingertips.

Almond Shaped Nails with Silver Stripes

14. Black and Gold Almond Shaped Nails

Headed out for the evening? Swipe a matte black polish onto your almond nails before giving them a luxurious finish with a couple of stripes in glittering gold.

Black and Gold Almond Shaped Nails

15. Love Heart Almond Shaped Nails

Thanks to their tapered shape, almond nails make the perfect base for a gorgeous heart design. The cute, clever, and fun style is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any occasion when you’re feeling the love.

Love Heart

16. Marble Almond Shaped Nails

Not all fashionable nail designs require bold colors. This magnificent marble style is created with white and grey polish and it looks superb.


17. Green Almond Shaped Nails

Let your almond-shaped nails be inspired by avocados this season. The dark green hue is a perfect alternative to traditional winter shades like red and purple.


18. French Almond Shaped Nails

The French manicure is a classic and looks excellent on almond-shaped nails. For a modern update just make the white tips a little longer than usual to create a more dramatic contrast.


19. Gold and Pink Almond Shaped Nails

Gold and pink can create seriously stylish nails, especially when paired with the elegant silhouette of an almond shape. Whether you choose to use gold leaf, glitter, or both, the result promises to be feminine and chic.

Gold and Pink

20. Negative Space Almond Shaped Nails

These awesome negative space nails make it appear as if the tip of the nail is floating. You can easily recreate the look by applying a strip of curved tape to your nail before painting it black. Then, just allow your polish to dry and remove the tape to reveal the incredible design.

Negative Space

21. Pastel Almond Shaped Nails

Lovely pastel shades of polish will give your almond nails a cute summertime style. Choose your favorite color for the look or try a different hue on each finger for a fun twist.


22. Striped Almond Shaped Nails

Striping tape is an easy and stylish way to show off the shape of your almond nails. Use one nail for an accent or on all for a bold and striking style.


23. White Acrylic Almond Shaped Nails

While these white acrylic nails appear stylish and chic, a splattering of grey polish keeps them modern and on-trend.

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White Acrylic

24. Tribal Almond Shaped Nails

A cool tribal pattern is perfect for anyone with almond nails who loves a bold and bright design. Although it may take a little practice to get right, the cute and colorful style is well worth the extra effort.


25. Wedding Almond Shaped Nails

Due to their sophisticated and feminine shape, almond nails make the ideal choice for your wedding day. Just add a stylish white and nude design to make them appear perfect for the occasion.

Wedding Almond Shaped Nails

26. XO Almond Shaped Nails

You can easily use a nail art pen to give your almond nails a cute and personalized design, such as this black ‘XO’ on a nude base.


27. Beautiful Almond Shaped Nails

For a beautiful and elegant design, try opting for a French manicure with an almond shape. Then, add a band of studs or rhinestones across one nail for a glamorous finishing touch.


28. Almond Shape Nail Design for Easter

Bunnies, bows, and polka dots make the perfect nail art ideas for Easter. Throughout the rest of the year, just lose the rabbits to keep this cute design relevant.

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for Easter

How to Get Almond Shape Nail Design Ideas

  • Consider an almond nail shape if you want to elongate the appearance of your fingers.
  • Remember, the almond shape can work for a range of nail lengths, including those that are long and somewhat short.
  • Create almond-shaped nails at home by filling the sides of your nail towards the center and rounding off the tip.
  • Try acrylic nails if you need help achieving the perfect almond shape and length.
  • Choose feminine nail art designs to complement the ladylike appearance of almond nails.
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