How To Find The Best Eyeliner For Eye Color

How To Find The Best Eyeliner For Your Eye Color

While black eyeliner is undoubtedly a major makeup staple for every woman, it’s not the only color you should be using. The dark inky shade is perfect for defining eyes and creating a killer feline flick, but it can’t create the depth and sparkle that colored eyeliners can. Green, blue, purple, grey, and brown eyeliners may sound a bit scary at first but they have the power to transform your eyes far beyond any tired black rim. Certain colors can intensify, brighten, define, or even change the appearance of your natural eye color. All you need to do is choose the right color for your eyes and they’ll be sparkling with new life in no time.

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Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are lucky enough to look great with nearly all colors of eyeliner, although, they are easiest to pair with brown. Choose “earthy” brown hues that match your eye color for a pretty and subtle beautiful look. Use them to line your waterline instead of black for shape definition with a softer touch. Warm amber shades will also look great on your eyes and create a golden glow on your face

While browns will make your eye color appear richer, contrasting colors will make it appear lighter and brighter. Eyeliners in colors such as midnight blue, cobalt, vivid purple, mint green; grey and cool charcoal will bring out the lighter brown and golden flecks in your eyes. The contrasting color will really make your eyes pop. If you’re a bit unsure about these bolder colors, however, try lining just the waterlines of your eyes for a more subtle effect. Doing so in dark blue colors will create the same definition as black eyeliner but in a softer way. If you feel confident, though, try your usual cat-eye look with a navy blue pencil instead of black for a special twist.

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Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes contain a mixture of brown and green tones, so different eyeliner colors will change their natural appearance in different ways. By choosing which color eyeliner to use, you can choose which color you want to bring out in your eyes. Green eyeliners, in colors such as emerald and olive, will bring out the green tones in hazel eyes, as well as plum, aubergine, and steely grey hues. Brown eyeliners, on the other hand, such as chocolate, will highlight the natural brown tone of hazel eyes. Warm browns and golden metallic eyeliner, including bronze and copper eyeliner, will also bring out the brown tone of hazel eyes while simultaneously creating a yellow-gold glow.

For a glamorous nighttime look, line the lids of your hazel eyes with either green or rich brown eyeliner. Then create an extra glow by layering gold eyeliner in the corners of your eyes and at the center of the lids. Alternatively, try a gold liquid liner on your upper lid and line your waterline with a cappuccino brown kohl pencil. The combination will make your eyes sparkle and it will highlight their gorgeous multi-colored look.

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Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes pop when lined with complimentary rich, warm colors. Colors with orange undertones, such as copper and gold, will make blue eyes appear even more vibrant by contrast. These warm metallic tones pick up on gold flashes in the iris of blue eyes, making them really light up. To line blue eyes with metallic, dot the inner corners of the eyes with the pencil and keep the liner close to the lash line. Other warm colors that work well with blue eyes include champagne (which will lighten up blue eyes), terra-cotta, caramel, and warm brown.

If warm colors aren’t having as bigger an impact on your eyes as you would like; just use them in the inner corners of your eyes and then add a black liner to the lids. Alternatively, cool colors and jewel tones, such as navy blue and emerald will create a striking impact on blue eyes. Use navy when you want your blue eyes to appear a deeper shade and emerald when you want to accentuate hidden golden flecks in them.

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Eyeliner for Green Eyes

for Green

Green and red are opposite each other on the color wheel, making them complementary colors that work well together. Following this piece of color theory, green eyes become more vibrant when paired with complimentary red-based eyeliners. Try a red-based bronze or brown liner to complement your green eyes. In particular, burgundy, rust, and mahogany are great brown-hued eyeliners for women with green eyes. Lining your eyes with colors such as these will have a defining impact while avoiding the flattening effect that black eyeliner often gives light eyes. You can also try rich garnet red eyeliner for a powerful look, but be sure it’s quite dark. To ensure that red-based colors don’t make eyes look pinkish and tired, line the lid in black before adding the color to your lash line.

While red-based hues are great for green eyes, purple-based colors also make a fantastic choice. Purple eyeliner, in hues such as amethyst, aubergine, plum, mauve, and violet will work best for green eyes. The unique contrast of colors will create a feminine and pretty look and bring out their earthy green tone.

Eyeliner for Grey Eyes

for Grey

If you’re one of the rare few who have grey eyes, play up your special color with the help of eyeliner. Like blue eyes, cool grey eyes look great when paired with rich, warm colors of eyeliner. Warm browns and vivid burgundy hues will have a particularly lovely appeal when applied to the lash and water lines of grey eyes. Shades such as this will bring out the warmth in your eyes, making them appear richer in color than normal.  If you want to emphasize rather than change your Smokey eyes, however, try a pearly white or silver shade of liner. These liners will highlight your unique eye color and make your eyes appear brighter grey than normal.

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