The Best Hair Color That Will Suit You

How To Choose The Best Hair Color That Will Suit You

Picking the right hair color isn’t as simple as just choosing one at random. To find the best color for you, you need to consider carefully what suits you and what doesn’t. To do so, you must take into account both your skin tone and eye color. By reviewing these elements, you’ll be able to choose a hair color that is highly flattering and that complements, rather than clashes with, your face. The perfect hair hue will enhance your skin tone, brighten your face, and even make your hairstyle look better than it did before. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to find your best hair color!

Best Hair Color That Will Suit You

Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

Just like the colors of an outfit need to work together, the colors of your hair and skin need to complement each other. Whether you have pale, brown, or dark skin, always think about how different shades will look on you before coloring your hair. Doing so will give you a good guide as to what hair colors will suit you best. By choosing a hair color that suits your skin tone, you’ll see your natural beauty enhanced in a way that will make you glow. Accidentally choose a color that clashes with your tone, however, and you’ll draw attention to skin imperfections, so be sure to get it right.

Hair Color for Pale Skin

If you have pale skin and colored eyes and you want to create contrast, black and dark brown hues are great, otherwise choose between blondes and reds. As pale skin typically falls into the range of cool skin tones (skin with blue, pink, and red undertones), it tends to look best with light cool hair colors. Try complimenting the pinkish and red undertones of your skin with colors like icy blondes, violet reds, and mocha browns. Other light blondes, such as platinum and champagne, also tend to suit pale skin quite well. If you’re pale but have a warm skin tone (yellow, peach, and golden undertones) and brown eyes, consider opting for light, warm hues, such as butterscotch, honey, and strawberry blonde.

Hair Color for Pale Skin

Hair Color for Brown Skin

Brown, naturally tanned, and European skin tones tend to be warmer than pale skin and therefore look better with rich, warm hair colors. The sweet spot for this tone is in between dark blondes and dark browns, with both light blondes and black hair colors clashing. Warm, honey-colored blondes, caramels, mocha, and golden browns are the right colors for anyone with this skin tone, as they will further warm your features and give you a glowing complexion. Remember to steer clear of colors that match your skin tone too closely, though, as they will wash you out. Also, as a general rule, it’s easier to go with hair darker than your skin tone rather than lighter, so also consider deep, rich, and earthy browns, ebony browns, and violet-based shades.

For women with olive-toned skin, which features green undertones, aim for rich brown hues with hints of red. Try chestnut brown, auburn, and cinnamon colors for a complementary look. Avoid tawny blondes, golden caramels, and coppers as they are best reserved for anyone in between pale and brown skin tones.

Hair Color for Brown Skin

Hair Color for Dark Skin

Women with dark skin can choose to go either of two ways with their hair color. They can pick a hair color that is lighter (aim for about two shades) or darker than their skin tone. By doing so, they will create a natural contrast that is appealing. In general, though, darker hair colors tend to be easier to pull off for this skin tone. Colors too close to your skin tone will also clash and make your face seem washed out, and your facial features recede. Dark espresso and inky black colors are where it’s at for women with cool, dark skin. If your dark skin is warm, however, try colors such as mahogany, maple brown, and toffee, to bring out the warm, apricot undertones of your skin.

Hair Color for Dark Skin

Hair Color to Match Your Eye Color

While your skin tone is a crucial tool for finding the best hair color for you, don’t forget about your eye color. Whether you have baby blues or big brown eyes, it’s essential to consider your eye color in order to find your best hair color.

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Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

If you have brown or warm hazel eyes, the chances are that you have a warm skin tone. As warm skin tones look best when paired with warm hair colors, choose hues that compliment you, such as warm, chestnut browns, toffee colors, and honey blondes. The golden undertones of these warm brown hair colors will help bring out the color of your eyes and make them shine. Likewise, auburn and caramel will also compliment your eyes. You may or may not wish to avoid cool shades of blonde, especially platinum and silver blondes, as they don’t always work with brown eye color.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

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Hair Shades for Colored Eyes

Women with colored eyes, including blue, grey, green, and green-hazel eyes, tend to best suit cool hair colors, particularly if they also have a cool skin tone. For those with cool pale skin and colored eyes, icy blondes will really make your eyes pop. If you have warm pale skin and colored eyes, consider trying warm blondes and light brown, honey, and chestnut hues as well as red or black hair. If you have colored eyes and brown skin, however, rich brunette hues will look best on your locks. Consider trying an icy brunette color to create a striking look, or a golden brown to enhance your warm skin tone.

Hair Shades for Colored Eyes

Hair Color Highlights

Highlights can help add dimension but choosing the right highlights to suit your hair color, skin tone, and eye color is essential for a good look. Strategically placed highlights in gold or honey will create depth in dark brown hair colors while deep cognac and milk chocolate colors look best on women with dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. Butterscotch and caramel are the best highlights for women with tan skin, medium or dark hair, and colored eyes. If you have brown eyes, however, you may want to try red copper or coffee highlights.

The pale skin tone looks best with taupe and beige-blonde highlights. If you have pale skin and brown eyes, you could also try golden blonde and peachy highlights, or light red if you have cool-toned skin. If you have pale skin with dark hair, consider honey highlights. Or if you have light blonde hair and blue eyes try platinum and vanilla highlights.

Hair Color Highlights

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25 Best Hair Color Ideas

Let’s face it after a while hair colors become old and boring. While you may have loved your hue when you first received it, after spending months (or even years) staring at it in the mirror, it’s only natural to want something new. Luckily, coloring hair has become more sophisticated and innovative than ever. This means, there are plenty of new and exciting colors just waiting for you to give them a try, and they’re better than ever. Rich and filled with vibrancy, today’s coolest colors are full of life. Multi-tonal and dimensional, they’re unique and somewhat mysterious. These are the best hair colors that are trending today.

1. Bold Colored Hair

Boldly colored hair is in its prime and set to continue throughout 2023. While this two-toned, purple, and blue look may be intense, it’s also right on-trend.

Bold Coloured Hair

2. Red-Brown Hair

This year is all about blending hair colors. If you’re not into the “bronde” look that’s currently on-trend, why not try this lovely red-brown color instead?

 Red-Brown Hair

3. Two-Toned Hair

Two-toned hair doesn’t have to be half and half. By concentrating a dose of contrasting color in one area, such as a fringe, you can create a look that’s exciting without being over the top.

Two-Toned Hair

4. Platinum Blonde + Purple Roots

This eye-catching look combines platinum locks with rich purple roots. Now that’s one stylish way to cover regrowth!

Platinum Blonde + Purple Roots

5. Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Sticking with the standard dark-to-light ombre effect, this strawberry blonde style features a richer, orange hue at its roots.

Strawberry Blonde Ombre

6. Reverse Strawberry Blonde Ombre

This reverse strawberry blonde ombre features light blonde roots growing into deep copper ends.

Reverse Strawberry Blonde Ombre

7. Red + Blonde Highlights

By mixing in blonde highlights, red hair can become a sophisticated multi-tonal hue.

Red + Blonde Highlights

8. Light Strawberry Red Hair

Light strawberry red hair easily becomes a gorgeous warm, blonde hue with the addition of highlights.

Light Strawberry Red Hair

9. Red Hair + Blonde Highlights

This red hair is radiant and sun-kissed with the addition of some super subtle blonde highlights.

Red Hair + Blonde Highlights

10. Red + Blonde Highlights

These chunky blondes and light red highlights create a unique and modern look on rich brown strands.

Red + Blonde Highlights

11. Lowlights for Brown Hair

This amazing hair color concentrates dark lowlights on the ends of strands to create a cool, reverse ombre appearance.

Lowlights for Brown Hair

12. Honey Brown Hair

Unlike colors such as chocolate and dark mocha, honey-brown hues are infused with plenty of warmth, which brings out a gorgeous glow in all complexions.

Honey Brown Hair

13. Highlights for Brown Hair

While hair highlights are great for creating the appearance of naturally sun-kissed hair, they can also be used to create unique looks, such as this trend-worthy style.

Highlights for Brown Hair

14. Rich Cherry Red

Rich, cherry-red hues can also look stunning when used to highlight black hair.

Rich Cherry Red

15. Blonde + Highlights

This glamorous, multi-tonal blonde appears to glow and project light with the simple aid of some shine spray or serum.

Blonde + Highlights

16. Golden Brown Hair Colour

Golden-brown hair creates a light and youthful appearance that looks best paired with plenty of shine.

Golden Brown Hair Color

17. Deep Cherry Red Hair

A deep cherry red hue provides the perfect option for those who want dark hair but can’t pass up the luminosity of vibrant color.

Deep Cherry Red Hair

18. Jet Black Hair

This sultry jet-black hair color is as dark as they come. While the deep hue always works well for dark skin tones, we also love its striking appearance when paired with fair complexions.

Jet Black Hair

19. Dark Hair Balayage

Although balayage typically involves brown hair that gradually becomes blonde, this dark brown to light brown version is a stylish alternative.

Dark Hair Balayage

20. Dark Brown Hair + Highlights

If your dark brown hair is looking a little dull, consider adding some intense golden highlights to frame your face and brighten things up.

Dark Brown Hair + Highlights

21. Chestnut Hair

Brown hair is made exciting again with this luxurious chestnut look. Worn with classic, glamorous waves, this look is perfect for your next big party.

Chestnut Hair

22. Brunette Balayage

This glamorous hair color features a dark blonde balayage that perfectly blends with its brunette base to create a “bronde” effect.

Brunette Balayage

23. Brown Hair + Blonde Tips

While curled hair blends blonde tips into brown locks, straight styles show off the bold contrast.

Brown Hair + Blonde Tips

24. Brown Hair + Blonde Highlights

For ladies who love a bold hair color, this deep brown base with chunky golden highlights is the perfect option.

Brown Hair + Blonde Highlights

25. Black Hair + Highlights

Black hair looks amazing with the addition of vibrant highlights. These blue-green strands create an edgy and modern look when paired with the cool backdrop of black locks.

Black Hair + Highlights

What Is The Most Popular Hair Color

Shades of brown and blonde are the most popular hair colors as they tend to be the most universally flattering, and easy to access, and there’s so much variation within those color spectrums.

What Is The Best Hair Color To Cover Grey

The best color to cover grays will depend on what shade your hair is, how much grey hair you have, and if you have warm or cool-toned skin. Blond highlights are a great way of disguising grays and making them less noticeable. It also allows you to keep a different base color, rather than jumping into a complete change. Alternatively, you can go blond all over, whether it’s something icy or even a soft silver. When it comes to darker colors, choose ashy brown, mocha, burgundy, or even copper.

What Hair Color Makes You Look Younger

Lighter colors such as blonde, honey, caramel, strawberry blonde, and light brown will make you appear younger. They’ll brighten your look and make hiding or disguising grays easier. You don’t have to go light all over either. If you prefer darker hair, you can always lift it just a little with highlights or balayage. Even just highlights framing your face will add youthfulness to your hairstyle.

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