15 Best Haircuts For Men With Beards

So you’re ready to take the plunge and start growing a beard? Bid farewell to your razor and start taking notes. This rugged, masculine, facial hair favorite is the perfect way to add definition to any man’s face. To achieve maximum results with your new beard, however, it is important to select a complimentary haircut. From the buzz cut to the bro flow, the shaved head to long, luscious locks, there is a range of ways to style your hair when rocking a beard. To help you navigate the vast number of options, we’re here to reveal this season’s best haircuts for men with beards.

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1. Beard + Bro Flow

While the name of this style may sound like an Ashton Kutcher line from ‘That 70’s Show’, the beard and bro flow is anything but outdated. If you’re looking for a modern, effortlessly cool new look, then this stylish combination provides your answer. Offering the best of both worlds, the long, flowing hair evokes a youthful, boyish charm, while the beard emphasizes raw masculinity.

Beard + Bro Flow

2. Beard + Long Hair

Channel your inner power with a look that will have people mistaking you for Chris Hemsworth’s god of thunder, Thor. Made recently popular by a number of celebrities, movies, and TV series, the pairing of long hair and a beard is one of this season’s most popular hairstyles. When rocking this style, make sure to keep your hair and beard clean and well-groomed to prevent a disheveled appearance and retain that dazzling, movie-star appeal.

Beard + Long Hair

3. Beard + Afro

Take yourself straight to the VIP section of your local club, or restaurant with this modern, cool style that is destined to capture the onlooker’s attention. For men currently rocking an afro, give your appearance a charming new update this season by adding a beard. For best results, keep your beard on the shorter side to balance out the fullness of your head hair.

Beard + Wavy Hair

4. Beard + Wavy Hair

Complement your wavy hair with a stylish full beard this season. This attention-catching look will show off your strong, healthy hair, while the sculpted beard will add a feature to your face. While this combo may not be the best option for the boardroom or in warmer months, it is a great choice for a rugged, winter look.

Beard + Wavy Hair

5. Beard + Shaved Head

Invested all that time and effort into sculpting a truly magnificent beard but unsure of how to really make it stand out?! Make your beard the center of attention when it comes to your appearance by being bold and shaving your head. The contrast between this clean shave and a long thick beard will draw all eyes to your enviable facial hair. Commanding attention, this highly masculine look is destined to attract admirers by creating an air of distinction and confidence.

Beard + Shaved Head

6. Beard + Buzz Cut

The ultimate no-nonsense look, a buzz cut, and a beard are an easy to maintain grooming options that will leave you looking sharp. While a long beard may complement this haircut if kept well-groomed, this style is at its best when it pairs a clean buzz cut with a short, close-cut beard. Highly versatile, you’ll want to rock this style all year round. Not only is it simple to achieve, but it also provides the perfect solution to maintaining your business persona in the workforce while looking masculine and laid back out on the streets. If you’ve been sporting long or curly hair and a beard, opt for a buzz cut in the summer months to change up your appearance and keep you looking and feeling cool.

Beard + Buzz Cut

7.  Beard + Drop Fade

One of the top, on-trend haircuts this season is undeniably the drop fade. This style is achieved by cutting a smooth rounded curve into your fade, which reaches a high point at the front of the ears and curves gradually down towards the back of the head. Requiring a regular grooming routine, this unique haircut is therefore highly complementary to a well-kempt beard. Whether you’re simply trying out this style for the new season, or you’re in it for the long haul, the drop fade and beard pairing will have you fitting in with the fashion crowd in no time. Not only is it impressive, but this style is also suitable for all occasions and settings.

Beard + Drop Fade

8. Beard + Man Bun

Take on the persona of the sophisticated Viking by tying your long locks into a sleek man bun, while letting that beard flow free. Incorporating two major trends, this style is great for men wanting to show off a full head of hair and a luscious long beard. By simply brushing the hair up and away from the face into a bun, this style adds an air of refinement to the effortlessly cool long hair and beard look.

Beard + Man Bun

9. Beard + Pompadour

If you’re a man who is fond of a sleek, brushed-up pompadour, then a beard may be the perfect addition to your grooming routine. Much like the hair on top of your head, your facial hair will require dedicated grooming to achieve an overall sophisticated, on-trend appearance. Whether you go for a short, closely cropped beard or a longer, masculine style, ensure to wash your beard regularly and keep those locks neat and combed.

Beard + Pompadour

10. Beard + Quiff

Similar in appearance to the pompadour, the highly fashionable quiff may be elevated in sophistication with the incorporation of a beard. Additionally, much like its counterpart hair and beard combination; the pompadour and beard, this polished style requires consistent grooming. Appropriate from day to night and work to play, while the quiff and beard may require regular attention to achieve maximum results, you can rest assured that you will look stylish and sleek in any setting.

Beard + Quiff

11. Beard + Short Curls

For a hair combination that will add volume, texture, and ultimately intrigue to your appearance, complement your short curls with a beard this month. To stay looking sharp, balance the fullness of your curls with a thick, medium-length beard. As this coveted curled hair gene is likely to also pop up in your beard, keep it tamed and looking cool with regular washing and combing. A styling gel may also be required to smooth down those playful beard curls.

Beard + Short Curls

12. Beard + Short Haircut

Take a note from the grooming books of one of Britain’s most in-demand actors, Tom Hardy, with a short haircut and beard. This no-nonsense style is regularly sported by the Hollywood heartthrob, resulting in his charming, attractive appearance. To add to its appeal, this simple style is also a winner in corporate or formal settings, where long hair is generally a no-go. While this style may work with any hair color and texture, it is particularly striking on men with naturally darker hair.

Beard + Short Haircut

13. Beard + Side Part

If you’re willing to be mistaken in the streets for movie star icon Ryan Gosling, then the side part and beard may be the perfect look for you. Corporate, casual, and cool, this combo ticks all of our grooming boxes when it comes to matching a great hairstyle with a better beard. The best part of all? A charming side part will suit any length of beard, allowing you to experiment with the close crop or full, textured facial hair. This style, therefore, provides a great grooming option all year round.

Beard + Side Part

14. Beard + Slick Back

For older gents, evoke an air of distinction and masculinity with slicked back and a full beard. Whether you have dark locks or have made the transition into a silver fox, this simple, modern style will instantly update your look. For maximum results, it is best to slick back hair of medium or longer lengths, as this will ensure fullness that complements your beard and overall appearance.

Beard + Slick Back

15. Beard + Faux Hawk

If you’re after an edgy, rugged new look, then the faux hawk and beard are for you. Take inspiration from the classic punk Mohawk while keeping your boss happy with this laidback style. To ensure this rockstar look remains stylish and attractive, rather than messy and unprofessional, keep your hair at a medium, full length while maintaining a short, neat beard.

Beard + Faux Hawk
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