Best Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline

The Best Hairstyles & Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline

Okay, so you’re going bald. Admitting it is the first step in overcoming it. Now we can move on to coping with loss and finding the best way to look good as you do it. As your hairline retreats on your scalp, you have a choice. Either you can clutch desperately at your youth and pretend you still have a full head of hair, or you can deal with it gracefully. We have you covered in our guide to the best men’s hairstyles for a receding hairline that will keep you looking youthful forever.

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Haircuts For Men With Receding Hairline

1- Clean shave

Clean Shave

The ultimate way to look at a receding hairline in the eyes and say ‘no’ is the clean shave. It’s a look that doesn’t work for everybody, and unfortunately, you will probably only learn whether or not you can pull it off once you’ve already taken the leap. But as long as the shape of your head complements your face and you can wear the bald look with confidence, this is a look that you just might be able to own. The clean shave works best with a full beard to bring a sense of balance to your otherwise hairless head.

2- Buzz cut haircut

Buzz Cut Haircut

A slightly longer and less brutal option than the clean shave is the buzz cut. It’s the quintessential military-inspired haircut that is both sympathetic to thinning hair and easily taken care of. The buzz cut also offers the bonus of making your facial features look more defined. By drawing others’ eyes from the hairline down to your browline, your face immediately appears more chiseled. Choose tapered sides for a more modern take on the traditional buzz cut.

3- Faux hawk haircut

Faux Hawk Haircut

It is a style that ebbs and flows in popularity, but the faux hawk is a useful haircut for the receding gentleman. By drawing attention to the center of the hairline (and away from the temples) the faux hawk uses a receding hairline to its advantage. Don’t let the name put you off, the faux hawk can still be a short, subtle cut.

4- Comb over hairstyle

Comb Over Hairstyle

We’re not talking about a prince Charles or, god forbid, Donald trump haircut here. The comb-over hairstyle is an incredibly popular style for men whether they’re balding or not. It works well for balding brothers by using a receding hairline as the lowest point in your hair’s natural part line. This gives an artificial sense of weight to your hair.

5- Short slicked-back hairstyle

Short Slicked Back Hairstyle

In a similar vein to the comb-over, the short slicked back hairstyle is a neat and versatile look for men with a receding hairline. By keeping the cut short, you avoid giving too much weight to the top of your hair’s sides and drawing attention to the hairline.

6- Regulation cut haircut

Regulation Cut Haircut

This is another haircut that draws its inspiration from the military, this one boasting more length. The regulation cut is a precise imagining of a longer-haired military cut. Combed over with a defined part, the regulation employs longer, scissor-cut sides to achieve a classic style. Much like alternative versions of the comb-over, this style uses the hairline as a feature of the hair’s part.

7- Longer hairstyle

Longer Hairstyle

If your hair is still reasonably thick but merely receding, you may be able to try a longer style. A longer hairstyle has the advantage of hiding the area above your temples most likely to be showing early signs of a receding hairline. A more unruly option, not every man can (or should) try the longer cut. Although with the right sense of style, a longer cut can shave years from your look.

8- Short messy hairstyle

Short Messy Hairstyle For Men With Receding Hairline

For many gents, the longer look is not a viable option. That being said, keeping your hair short and neat may not be appealing to the renegade in you either. A short, textured hairstyle gives you the versatile option of a controlled length that can appear messy. Have your barber leave slightly more length toward your hairline, and blow-dry to exaggerate both volume and the textured style.

9- Short high fade haircut

Short High Fade Haircut For Men With Receding Hairline

A more striking style for a receding hairline is the short high fade haircut. By clipping the sides and tapering the length from the bottom up you can control the way in which your hairline is perceived. A higher fade will draw attention away from a receding hairline and toward your long hair on top. The style is best suited to men with a hairline in its early stages of receding.

How To Stop A Receding Hairline

The thought of losing your hair can be stressful. No one wants to think that it’ll end up happening to them, but in fact, it’s quite common in men. There are precautions you can take to try and prevent hair loss. Maybe something you’re doing is causing your hair to fall out, or it could be hereditary. Either way, we’ve compiled a list of the best things to try so your hair stays thick and luscious forever.

What is a Receding Hairline?

A receding hairline means that your hair is falling out from either the crown or the front of the hair. In some cases, it can fall out of both. While hair loss can be linked to Thyroid disease, stress, anemia, autoimmune diseases, or chemotherapy treatments; the main factor usually is genetics. Hereditary male pattern baldness is responsible for 95% of hair loss in men. The pattern that it falls out in depends on which hair follicles are genetically programmed with receptors to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This is the male sex hormone that is the active form of testosterone in bodily tissue and also what triggers hair loss.

Is My Hairline Receding?

It’s not always easy to tell if your hairline is receding and it can make you crazy if you keep checking in the mirror, tracking every hair that falls out. Though a good way to tell is by gently running your hands through your hair and seeing if it comes out with ease. Otherwise, you can always get a second opinion or look at old Facebook photos. If in doubt, book a consultation with your doctor or a hair clinic. They will be able to tell you if you have anything to be worried about.

How to Fix a Receding Hairline


If your hairline is starting to recede, you may want to think about your level of health, as it could be caused by a nutrient deficiency. It’s usually a good idea to get a blood test to check your iron, zinc, and fatty acid levels. A lack of these minerals can be linked to hair loss and brittleness. You should also create a healthy meal plan with a dietitian if you’re experiencing hair loss, especially one that is high in protein and iron. Consuming a quality multivitamin daily will help keep your nutrition levels in check.

Don’t Blow Dry

Blow drying your hair not only dries it out but also makes it brittle and prone to breakage. Not to mention that the heat can open the hair follicles, thus making it easier for it to fall out. Therefore, they should be avoided. Let your hair dry naturally and also avoid brushing it until your hair is completely dry as this can also pull the hair out.

Avoid Coloring Hair

Coloring your hair can lead to hair loss, especially if you’re bleaching it. This is very damaging as the hydrogen peroxide penetrates the hair follicle and removes its natural pigment, making it easier to snap or shed. Though this doesn’t mean that going darker isn’t damaging too, all hair color needs to be mixed with peroxide. However, the only difference is that dying your hair darker, adds pigment to the hair rather than stripping it.

Stop Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking isn’t good for you, but did you know that it can accelerate hair loss and premature graying? Scientists discovered that the toxins in smoke could damage your hormones and hair follicles. After testing two groups of people, half who were smokers and half who were not; the researchers found a significant and consistent link between smoking and hair loss.


A study that was conducted in Japan showed that by massaging your scalp, you could increase the thickness of your hair. The study showed that hair thickness improved significantly due to an increase in blood flow and direct stimulation to the cells. The men involved in the study massaged their hair regularly over 24 weeks and discovered that while the hair did not get any longer, it did get much thicker.

Stress Less

Stress and anxiety are major causes of hair loss. Being stressed or having a shock to the system can disrupt the natural growth and rest cycle of the follicle, causing them to stop growing or begin falling out. If you suffer from this type of hair loss, try turning to yoga, meditation, or something that can calm the nerves. Usually, the hair will begin to grow back after 3-6 months once you’ve regained your center.

Hair Transplants for Men

Hair transplants are a great way to get a full head of hair back if nothing else seems to be working. The most common treatment is Follicular Unit Extraction. This procedure is performed with a local anesthetic and isn’t invasive or at all painful. The process involves inserting individual shafts of hair into existing, vacant hair follicles. These hairs are usually taken from the sides and back of the head, or even the chest if needed. The procedure can take anywhere between 4-16 hours and usually costs anywhere from $5,500 – $18,000; depending on the number of grafts needed.

Use Regaine

Regaine is the only clinically proven over-the-counter treatment on the market for hereditary hair loss. The way it works is through an active ingredient called minoxidil. This increases the blood flow around your hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. However, this product isn’t a guaranteed fix as it doesn’t work for everyone. Regaine suggests that you cease using treatment if you don’t start to see results after using their Extra Strength Foam for 16 weeks. It’s best to start using this product the minute you realize you’re losing hair for the best results. However, once you start using this product, you must continue to use it for life. When you stop using the product, your hair will revert to normal and begin shedding again.

Best Styling Products for a Receding Hairline

If you’re experiencing thinning hair and you want it to look full once you’ve styled it, it’s crucial to pick the right products. You should definitely try to avoid heavy products such as clays, gels, and pomades. Instead, you should stick to mousses if you prefer to style them while wet. Otherwise, use texturizing powders on dry hair. If you’re looking for some product advice, both Redken’s Full Effect Mousse and Powder Grip is the best products to use to make fine hair appear fuller.

How to Regrow Hair Naturally with Castor Oil

Before trying this, keep in mind that it won’t ‘fix’ balding. However, it can help. To stimulate hair growth using castor oil, simply massage it into your hair. According to research, this increases your blood flow and encourages hair growth. This is one of the cheaper options when trying to re-grow your hair and can be a great treatment.

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