Guide on How To Coordinating Leather Accessories

Guide on How To Coordinating Leather Accessories

Most of us possess a wide assortment of leather accessories such as handbags, belt, wallets, pouches, and many more. However, we often forget the importance of “mix and match” while incorporating leather into our look. You must follow certain guidelines while adorning your leather accessories because putting them in the right way will definitely raise the appeal of those accessories.

So here we go! The tips to match your leather accessories are as follows:

Match your leather belt and shoes –

These two are perhaps the most unavoidable accessories and hence should be match first. Also, they are easier to match. The solitary rule to follow while choosing your belt and shoes is the same colour and same texture. If you are wearing black shoes make sure you don your waist with a black belt only. Sometimes you may not get the exact matching shade for your shoes and belt but that is acceptable. No one is going to notice one shade off. So, now no more waiting! Flaunt your black shoes with black belt, brown shoes with brown belt, and so on.

Match your other accessories –

There are endless ways of matching up when it comes to fashion accessories like wallets, watches, bags, etc. Let us help you out on this now. Always team your leather watch with the same colour of leather belts and shoes. The same colour theory of the belt and shoes goes here as well. If you are wearing brown shoes and a brown belt, then your watch strap must be brown too. For bags, the story is different. You must carry a bag of neutral shade that will go with every kind and colour of your leather belt, shoes and watch. Choosing the colour of your wallet, according to the colour of your other accessories isn’t necessary at all as the wallet comes out of your pocket only when you feel the need of it.

Too much leather should be avoided –

Always keep in mind that “less is more”. Minimalism is the key to a great fashion. Avoid putting on too much leather accessories on you as this tends to overkill your look. Never have more than three matching leather accessories. Those wearing leather from top to bottom such as leather jacket, leather belt, leather shoes, leather watch and a leather bag turn into an object of ridicule in the streets.

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Black is always an exception –

When it comes to black, you can team it up with any colour of other accessories. Leather accessories that are pure black in colour can be carried with much grace without any need to match with each other.

By now, it must be clear to you how to coordinate your fashion accessories in order to look best and stand above the rest. Leather, being the most sophisticated fashion material, can be used in multiple ways. So take your time to decide how to mix and match your favourite leather accessories and be a head turner. If you are seeking for a premium quality leather handbag, belt or a wallet, Malltata has a new line of all these accessories that will suit your style needs.

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