How To Apply Eyeshadow According To Experts

How To Apply Eye Shadow According To Experts

Have you ever seen an eye makeup look that you’ve dreamed of recreating? You don’t have to be a makeup artist to apply eyeshadows, but there is some professional advice you should take into consideration before you start. We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks for eye makeup applications for all eye shapes, colors, or skin tones.

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How to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners

For those who are just beginning with eye makeup, simplicity is the key. Always start with a primer; this ensures that your colors pop and stay on your lids all day. Pick four neutral tones, one hue lighter than your skin tone, a matte mid-color, a shade that is 2-3 times darker than your skin tone, and a highlight. Grab yourself a small and medium blending brush, and begin by creating a base color across the entire eye using the lightest eyeshadow. From there, grab the mid-matte tone and start blending in the crease. Using the darkest tones, lightly create a “V” on the outer corner of your eyelid, contouring the shape. Apply mascara and voila! This is a relaxed, delicate look for beginners that are beautiful on all skin tones.

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners

What You Would Need

To get started with any eyeshadow look, you need the following items.

  • Moisturizer
  • Eyelid primer
  • Eye cream
  • Eyeshadow colors (in a palette or individuals)
  • Liquid or pencil eyeliner
  • Kohl liner
  • Eyeshadow brushes
  • Mascara

What You Would Need

Moisturizers and creams are optional but are a great way to keep your eyes looking and feeling bright and sparkling. If you wish, you can also use false eyelashes to add extra emphasis to your overall look. This is up to you; if you’re starting out you may wish to leave this step until you’ve gained some extra practice.

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Types of Brushes

There isn’t one brush that does every job for you, so you have to make sure you’re using the right ones for specific tasks.

  • Flat Brush: This is perfect for applying the base color to the lid.
  • Pencil Brush: This is the best brush for applying color to the lower lash line.
  • Stiff Dome Brush: These are best suited for blending out colors and creating flawless transitions between tones.
  • Fluffy Dome Brush: This is created solely for blending. They come in different sizes and are made to create a seamless eyeshadow look.
  • Eyeliner Brush: These are best suited to applying wet liner to the lash line of your upper eyelid.

Types of Brushes

Do you Apply Eyeshadow Before False Eyelashes?

False lashes are a skill that can be tricky to master, but once you have, you can create a polished and beautiful look. When doing your makeup, it’s best to apply your false lashes after the eyeshadow and eyeliner. This is so you don’t run the risk of getting eyeshadow fallout on the lashes, and you don’t have to reapply mascara and liner once you’ve finished.

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Do you Apply Eyeshadow Before False Eyelashes

How to Apply Eyeshadow to Hooded Eyes

For those with hooded eyes, you can create a beautiful eyeshadow look easily. Different lids require different application methods, and this shape, it’s no exception. It’s best to apply shadow with your eyes open and create a new crease that you want, rather than where your natural folds are. Blend the shadow towards the browbone. Using a darker shade, line your eyes and wing it out; elongate it out past your natural crease. Add mascara and false lashes to complete the look; you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go!

How to Apply Glitter Eyeshadow

Glitter eyeshadow is the easiest way to transform your makeup into something sexy and sparkly. Begin with a dark matte shade in the outer V of your eyelid, using large sweeping motions to blur the color out. You can use one or two hues, but be sure to blend them out, so there is a seamless finish to the shades. For an easy shimmer application, find a sparkly liquid eyeshadow and swipe the glimmer over the top of your lid. If you wish, you can draw a cat’s eye and apply false lashes for a dramatic finish.

How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow is a perfect product for beginners or if you’re in a rush. They come in many forms, such as doe-foot applicators or round jars. Begin by priming your eyelid, and sweeping a small amount of cream in the center. Use your finger to spread the color evenly across the lid by using sweeping and patting motions. Once it has dried, you can use a mid-tone to slowly transition the cream into a powder, working your way up to the brow bone. Using a darker shade, contour the crease and brighten the inner corner of your eyes with a highlight. Finish the look with eyeliner and mascara, and you will sparkle like diamonds.

How to Apply Smokey Eyeshadow

Smokey eyes are an essential night-out look to master. Focus your application on the lash line and the crease; using three shades, a dark contour color, mid-tone, and highlight. Set the base with a light shade, making it easier for the powders to sit on the lid. Apply the mid-tone in the crease in upward motions towards the browbone, deepening the outer corner. With your eyes open, use your nose and brow to create an imaginary line on the outer side; sweeping the mid-tone color across the entire lid. With a flat, stiff brush, dab the dark shade to the upper lash line, making it a little higher in the center; if you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid to use a liner pencil instead. Using a fluffy brush, blend the black upwards to the middle shade, blending the colors out so it looks like smoke. Finish by applying eyeliner to the lashline, and put on some false lashes to exaggerate the smokey eye.

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How to Apply Natural Eyeshadow

For a makeup look that is perfect for the office or everyday use, natural eyeshadow is the way to go. Using only one or two shades, you can create a soft and earthy-tone eye makeup style that is subtle. Using a middle shade, gently sweep it to the crease of your eye, building up the color every so lightly to warm up the entire area. You have the option to add a deeper tone to the crease. Lighten the brow bone and the inner corner with a highlight, and finish with mascara. If you wish, you can apply eyeliner to your tight line and false eyelashes for a super dramatic look.

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How to Apply Eyeshadow for Brown and Hazel Eyes

Create an entrancing makeup look specifically for brown and hazel eyes. Using colors such as blues and grays will highlight the cool undertones in your irises. Colors such as gold and earth tones bring out the golden lights. Using middle shades, create a deep crease, and sweep the muted colors out to the brow bone. Apply gold glitter to the center of your eyelid to make your eyes sparkle; black or brown liner and lashes will add drama and deepen the brown of your beautiful peepers.

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Brown and Hazel Eyes

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

Eyes as blue as the ocean need colors to help them pop; to make your sky peepers stand out, opt for warm tones such as orange, pink, and red. To start, grab three shades, a highlight, and soft orange, and deep terracotta. Start applying the mid-tone orange into the crease, working your way across the center of the eyelid. With the darker shade, create a V shape on the outer lid, working your way into the center. Brighten your brow bone and inner corner with the highlight; the light color can also sit on the lid. Add winged eyeliner and mascara to tie the whole look together. If you’re feeling a bit fancy; you can apply some gold glitter where the light shades are, giving your eyes some sparkle!

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Grey Eyes

For those with grey irises, look no further than neutral tones to make your eyes sparkle. For a simple look, all you need is an ash or charcoal-colored liner pencil, a piece of paper, and a blending brush. Line your eyes, leaving a small wing at the tip of your eyelid. Place the paper along the wing and with the blending brush, gently buff out the edges so it looks soft and subtle. Using colors other than black for eyeliner can enhance your eye color and offer a delicate twist to your makeup look.

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Grey Eyes

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Make those green eyes look brighter than ever with the help of pinks, purples, and light blues. Start with four shades: a highlight, wine red, soft pink, and charcoal grey. Starting with the soft pink, dust the center of your eyelid; gradually building up the color on the outer corner. Following the wine shade, lightly deepen the crease and outer V using a large fluffy brush in sweeping motions. You can also use a flat brush to apply some eyeshadow on the lower lash line, creating unity. With the charcoal grey and flat brush, softly line your eyes and blend the dark color out slightly at a wing. Complete the look by brightening your browbone and inner corners. If you wish, you can add liquid eyeliner and false lashes; your eyes will pop either way with this winning color combo!

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How to Apply makeup for Green Eyes

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Dark Skin

Unleash your inner royalty with these beautiful jewel tones. Ideal for darker skin tones, royal shades such as emerald green, ruby red, and purple make eyes pop and accentuate beautiful dark skin. You’ll need three or four shades to complete this look; a highlight such as gold or yellow, one or two shades, and a deep color such as black or brown. Using the contour shade, lightly apply it to your crease and lash line, adding depth to your eyelid. Begin blending across the space of your lid, focusing on the brighter tones in the center. Pop some highlights on the inner corners and along your brow bone. Feel free to add false lashes or winged eyeliner. You can even spice it up by adding colored eyeliner, such as purple, emerald green, or gold; you’ll be the Queen of any room you walk into!

for Dark Skin

Afraid That Your Eye Makeup Will Crease?

  1. Invest in a good base or primer as it will instantly boost your eye makeup and make the eyeshadow stay put for a long time.
  2. Make sure to set the eyeshadow with a powder base if you have used a cream-based eyeshadow.
  3. Use a gel or waterproof eyeliner to prevent the product from transferring.

Some Quick Tips to Apply Eyeshadow Perfectly

  1. It’s always good to finish your eye makeup first and then move on to your base makeup. That way, if there is any eyeshadow fallout under or around your eyes, you can quickly clean it up without spoiling your base makeup.
  2. To define the crease area, use a pencil brush and blend it with a fluffy brush.
  3. Eyeshadows are available in cream, powder, and pressed forms. Choose a formula that works best for you. Cream eyeshadows can be used as a base for powder eyeshadows.
  4. In case you have hooded or deep-set eyes, try applying the eye makeup with your eyes open instead of closed so that the crease color is actually visible.
  5. If you have trouble drawing the ‘V’ on the outer corner of your eyes, draw a ‘#’ with an eye pencil instead and blend it immediately to avoid stark edges.
  6. To avoid eyeshadow falling out, powder the area under your eyes with a transparent or translucent powder before beginning the eye makeup. Once you are done, simply sweep off the powder.
  7. You can also wait to conceal your under eyes till after doing your eye makeup.
  8. Make sure to use clean makeup brushes as they will give you the best transition.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Steps

  • Prime your lids – this helps create a blank canvas for your eyeshadow, intensifies the color, and helps it stay on all night.
  • Using a flat, fluffy brush, sweep a neutral shade over your eyelids.
  • Build the neutral shade into the crease – this deepens the socket and opens your eyes up.
  • Blend a darker color into the crease and outer V of your eyelid. Blend the mid-tone and darker shade together, so they’re seamless.
  • Apply a highlight shade to the brow bone and inner corners
  • Sweep liquid eyeliner over the lash line, apply mascara and false lashes are optional.
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