Pro-X Vs Olay Regenerist Which Works Best

Olay Pro-X Vs Olay Regenerist Which of the Olay Products Works Best?

There’s a huge following for Olay’s older anti-aging line, Regenerist, but there are also die-hard supporters of the Pro X line.

Would you like to know which one really is the best one to help you fight wrinkles and look younger?

Then read on. By the end of this article Olay Pro-X Vs Olay Regenerist, you’ll know once and for all which product should earn a spot in your youth-restoring regimen.

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Olay Pro-X Vs Olay Regenerist

What’s Olay Say?

Olay claims that their Regenerist line, launched in 2003, will help to regenerate your skin’s appearance without needing to take drastic action such as surgery. It does so by using its patented amino-peptide complex.

Their newer line, Pro X, was launched in 2009 and claims to go head to head with a leading prescription wrinkle cream. They say that it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by hydrating your skin and they also say that it significantly improves the moisture barrier in your skin after 6 months of treatment, which helps keep you younger-looking longer.

What’s In Them? 

Regenerist products contain the amino-peptide complex that includes a B3 complex, green tea extract, allantoin, vitamin E, B complex vitamins, and glycerin. Most of the day creams also have UVA/UVB sunscreens as well. Though this line is older, there are newer products that include some fragrance-free versions of the sculpting cream and serum.

Pro X products contain the B-complex vitamins as well as some of the same peptides that are in the Regenerist line. Not all of them though, and the Pro X also doesn’t have the other vitamins and natural ingredients.

Another ingredient, hexamidine, has the potential to restore the moisture barrier in your skin. Finally, the Deep Wrinkle Treatment also contains retinyl propionate, a form of vitamin A that’s been proven to be as effective as retinol or other forms of vitamin A found in prescription anti-wrinkle creams. It’s also listed close to the top of the ingredients list which is a good sign that there’s enough in the cream to actually be effective.

Olay Pro-X Vs Olay Regenerist

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What Do Users Say?

Pro X users are much more satisfied with this line than users of other retinol-containing products. Olay stresses the fact that it uses a base that makes it less likely that the retinol will be irritating. Still, a few people did suffer from breakouts and this seems to be the primary complaint with the entire line.

There are also a few people who claim that the products didn’t work for them or were too sticky. There were also some users who took exception to the heavy smell of some of the products in the Pro X line. For the most part though, people like it and see moderate results.

Regenerist users are extremely happy with the line as well. The few complaints about this line include people who saw no results and people who had an issue with the products being too greasy. This was mostly from people who had oily skin, to begin with.

People with dry skin loved the products and the fact that there are now unscented versions of a couple of the creams is an added appeal to many. It doesn’t seem to affect sensitive skin and even those who said that they didn’t see a reduction in wrinkles agreed that the products made their skin feel wonderful.

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Which of the Olay Products Works Best?

The two product lines offered by Olay share some ingredients but it’s the ones that they don’t share that really make the difference in the products. The ProX line seems to be loved more by people with normal to oily skin that isn’t sensitive to breakouts or reactions, though there are fewer reactions to this product than other retinol-containing products.

Olay Pro-X Vs Olay Regenerist. 1

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The Regenerist line may be more suitable for people who have normal to dry skin because it really is extremely moisturizing. The vitamin and peptide complex that the line is based upon seems to do a good job of living up to Olay’s claims. Even though this is the older of the two lines, Olay really was ahead of the game when it created the complex.

Olay Pro-X Vs Olay Regenerist. 2

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How to Compare Olay Pro-X to Regenerist

Olay is a trusted skincare brand that offers a variety of anti-aging products. Two popular lines are Pro-X, an over-the-counter series that claims to give prescription-quality results, and Regenerist, a serious wrinkle fighter. Know your own skincare preferences when purchasing Pro-X or Regenerist products.

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Check the labels

When deciding on whether Olay Pro-X or Regenerist products will be right for your anti-aging needs, compare ingredients. Active ingredients are noted on the label. Ingredients are listed in order of their amount in the product; the ingredients that appear in larger quantities in the product will be listed first.

Know your ingredients

Between both product lines, you’ll see retinyl propionate (a vitamin A derivative that encourages skin cell renewal); Cyclopentasiloxane (a hydrating silicone), and niacinamide (vitamin B3 complex) listed on the labels. Another component to search for is peptides, which trigger collagen production in the skin. Collagen is a protein naturally found in the skin that provides elasticity and firmness. Collagen decreases as people age, so reintroducing it to the skin can give a more youthful appearance.

Understand how these ingredients work so you have an idea of how they’ll affect your skin and address your skin issues.

Assess your personal needs

If you have a few very fine wrinkles, Regenerist may be a more appropriate product. If you have many deep-set wrinkles or creases in your complexion, you may want to try Pro-X.

Decide which products are right for you.

Each line offers a variety of different products. Pro-X, as of June 2010, has 12 items in its product line, targeting everything from skin cleansing to wrinkle-fighting, and categorizes products by need. For example, they have “primary solutions” and “specialized treatments.” Regenerist, as of June 2010, offers 31 products, from anti-aging serums to microdermabrasion and peel kits. It’s important to know what results in your desire so you can purchase the appropriate products.

Track your skin’s appearance.

Pro-X guarantees its products, based on clinical trial results and user experiences. Be aware of any changes in your skin. If you’re not completely satisfied with your results, call OLAY for a full refund.

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