20 Trending Round Nail Designs To Copy

20 Trending Round Nail Designs To Copy

A round and oval nail shape is a popular choice for ladies that wish to elongate their fingers. Whether you prefer a natural look or a design that’s funky and fresh, there’s something here to excite you. Showcase your personality and complete your outfit with these trending nail art designs for round nails.

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1. Minimalist Round Nails

Simplicity is essential, especially when it comes to your nails. Sticking to a clean base like pink or grey, add a bit of spice to the design with a single dot or line across the top. Mix it up by placing this fine art on one or all of your fingers, but keep it simple. This minimalist choice is infused with elegance and looks lovely on any day.

Minimalist Round Nails

2. Multicolor Pastel

Add some fun to your everyday life with multicolor pastel nails. Although they’re simple in design, they pack a punch. Create a soft rainbow by painting the shades in descending colors, or mix it up by putting a different hue on each finger. It is an attractive option for anyone who loves soft and timeless tones.

Multicolour Pastel Round Nails

3. Holographic Round Nails

Say holo to this shiny and effervescent manicure. With a multi-colored base and a holographic twist, it’s the perfect style to have for a night out or at university. Filled with shine and luster, it’s also an excellent option for those headed to a festival or a nightclub. If you’re not ready to paint the entire space, opt for a feature nail or create an artsy design with a shiny effect. No matter what you choose, you’ll be the life of the party everywhere you go!

Holographic Round Nails

4. Cute Glitter Round Nails

Sparkle and shine with these cute glitter nails. Subtle enough to wear to work but glam enough for a party, this nail art design is perfect for all occasions. Choose from tiny sprinkles or large flecks of twinkles – they all look magical. Watch the art glimmer in the sunlight and capture the attention of everyone!

Cute Glitter Round Nails

5. Natural Ombre

From a bride’s big day to a twist on a simple manicure, this natural ombré is a classic choice for any woman. The gradual fade into color is subtle enough to wear every day and instantly elevates your outfit to a high-fashion masterpiece. French Manicures are a superb option for a formal event, and this modern take on the traditional design brings it into the new age.

Natural Ombre Round Nails

6. Matte Round Nails

Smooth and refined, these matte nails are one of a kind. Choose from a beautiful piece of art like lavender or geometric shapes, or keep it plain and simple with a single color. This elegant and timeless style is perfect for a day at the office. Whether you choose black, white, or something colorful, you’ll want to wear this stunning polish every day.

Matte Round Nails

7. Line Art Round Nails

Who says art is just for a gallery? Make your fingers the star of the show with these simple and stunning line art designs. Channel your inner Picasso with a single-line drawing of your pet, or imitate a piece of string and create a smooth transition from one nail to another. Add a pop of color to accentuate the style, and you may end up in the Tate.

Line Art

8. Nature Round Nails

Be one with the earth with a set of nature-inspired nails. Daisies, leaves, blossoms, and all things floral, this art is worth expressing on your fingers. Stray away from the traditional colors of plants and mix shades like blue, red, or orange with the botany. A single-feature design surrounded by block hues is the best way to let your creativity shine through.

Nature Round Nails

9. Feature Round Nails

Showcase a single nail with a featured stellar style. Whether it’s a pattern, a different color, or simply a stripe, you can’t go wrong with a fun design like this. Contrasting colors like orange and grey are a great choice. Leave the other fingers plain so the sole artistic one will stand out – watch as you create some Insta-worthy hands!

Feature Round Nails

10. Transparent Round Nails

Let your nails be the window to your soul with these transparent designs. Using a crystal clear base, let your creativity shine through with simple but enchanting patterns. This style is an elegant and timeless choice for any occasion, and the artwork on top puts a modern twist on your fingers. Even when it’s time for a manicure, people won’t be able to tell the difference, as this polish grows out subtly.


11. Black French Tip

Who said French Manicures have to be white every time? Put a modern twist on the classic design by dipping the ends in a dark shade. This edgy and fresh style adds an instant rockstar feel to your fingers and will polish off any outfit you wear. Keep the tips thin for a chic feel – it’s a sharp and fresh option to try for the days when you’re feeling a bit badass.

Black French Tip

12. Red Tip Round Nails

Change up the regular manicure by securing a red tip at the end of your polished nails. Starting halfway down the nailbed, choose a vibrant shade to accentuate the end of your fingers. Not only does this make your hands look longer and more elegant, but it’s also a great design to feature. When they start to grow out, you won’t be in a rush to get them re-done – this is a natural and refined-looking set for everyday wear.

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Red Tip

13. Lollipop Round Nails

Treat your sweet tooth with these cute lollipop nails. The bright shades in solid stripes resemble the confectionary, and they’re a great option if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit. Perfect for the warmer months, this design suits a vast range of events and looks good enough to eat!


14. Marble Feature

Take elegance with you everywhere you go with these marble nails. Featuring the stone design on a single finger or two, you will look like walking art in this design. Leave the remaining tips in a bold color, like pink or blue. You can even match the shades with a feature tone from the speckles in the mineral.

Marble Feature

15. Pineapple Round Nails

Feel beach-ready at any time of the year with this cute pineapple design. This juicy fruit is an ideal option for fingers and looks extra delicious as a feature nail. Sticking to colors like yellow, orange, and green, you can bring summer with you to all events.


16. Tribal Round Nail Designs

Show your love for native heritage with these tribal designs. Arrows, symbols, and feathers are beautiful pieces of expression and are a timeless option for all fingernails. Choose a delicate color underneath, such as pink or nude, to make the patterns pop. If you prefer to have a feature nail, opt for an elaborate drawing on one and leave the rest plain. Everyone will compliment your gorgeous hands with a manicure this beautiful.


17. Playful Round Nails

Have a bit of fun with this playful nail design. Without sticking to a solid set of rules, mix and match styles and colors to create a manicure worth showing off. Paint on a set of Chara Ferragni-inspired graphic eyes, add a feature shade, or incorporate glitter for a stylish twist on the classic polish. These look great with a range of outfits and perfect for every season.

Playful Round Nails

18. Two-Tone Round Nail Designs

Why stick with one color when you can have two? This duo-toned manicure is a stylish alternative to the classic French tip and puts a modern spin on the traditional style. Choose from warm tones like red and pink or cool shades like blue and grey, and you’ll have nails worthy of showing off. Paint the nail in a lighter color and add a darker shade of nail polish to create this design. This style works for any season of the year.


19. Disney Inspired

Showcase your love for Walt Disney films by painting an iconic character on your fingers. From Mickey Mouse to Ariel, this manicure will keep your childhood memories alive in a stylish way. Keep it subtle with a feature nail with a small silhouette in the bottom corner – the cute and dainty design is sure to keep the timeless films in your heart forever.

Disney Inspired

20. Lemon Round Nail Designs

Zesty and fresh, these lemon manicures are the perfect summer accessory. Paint the majority of your nails a citrus-inspired color like yellow and feature one or two fingers with an artwork of the delicious fruit. It is a cute and quirky way to refresh your look in the summer warmer months and add some sunshine to any outfit you choose to wear.

Lemon Round Nails

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